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God has always done extraordinary things through ordinary people like us. Gideon looked less than ordinary. He was filled with doubts and fears. Yet God used this man as a powerful tool in his hand to rescue his people. Are you worried by the challenges your family and God’s church face today? Will you be a worrier or a warrior? The God who changed Gideon can change us!

May 21 Gideon’s Gig (Ascension) Judges 6:1-24
A worrier becomes a mighty warrior.
May 28 Gideon’s Gambit (Memorial Day) Judges 6:25-32
The first battle for a mighty warrior is the battle in our own hearts. Gideon smashes the family altar. What personal altar will I have to smash to become the Lord’s warrior?
June 4 Gideon’s Guerillas (Pentecost Sunday) Philippians 3
A few good men or one good Lord? God uses a handful of warriors to win a great victory. It happened in Gideon’s day. It happened on Pentecost. It happens yet today!
June 11 Gideon’s Gaffe (Trinity Sunday) Judges 8:22-35
Gideon (inadvertently) makes an idol. Throughout history no one in his right mind tried to lead the church astray. But, in the midst of dealing with turmoil, it happened. What idol(s) have we inadvertently made today?

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