TUG-logo_rasterTeens Under God (TUG)

TUG is a unique ministry for teens – members of St. Paul’s and their friends – held at the Muskego Urban Gatheringplace (MUG) across Janesville Road from St. Paul’s.  “TUG@MUG” provides teens with worship, education, fellowship, recreation, and service opportunities as well as time to develop Christian relationships with each other and adult mentors within a safe, caring, supportive, and fun environment.  TUG meets the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month from 6:15-9:15 p.m.

Why the name TUG?

  • TUG rhymes with MUG, easily connecting the ministry with its location at the Muskego Urban Gatheringplace.
  • St. Paul’s wants its teens under God (TUG), having a great relationship with Christ and being guided by him.
  • Teens today have a lot tugging at them, and they need spiritual support and encouragement.
  • Like a kite string tugging on the person holding it, the Holy Spirit through faith, connects a teen to God (the kite), 
and though you may not always see God (the kite), you know he’s there and can feel his tug and guidance on your life.