Pre-Kindergarten for 3 & 4 year olds

St. Paul ’s Lutheran Pre-Kindergarten is a developmental readiness program for children 3 and 4 years old. In a Christian environment, we incorporate physical, social, creative, and academic activities that will prepare them for the coming years.

Our PreK has a proven track-record for preparing students in academic success, but spiritual development is also a high priority.

Our children learn about prayer and are encouraged to pray. We also teach right from wrong, and promote love, trust and friendship within the class. Bible stories are introduced through weekly Bible lessons that teach how the Lord loves, protects, forgives, and saves us.

What are parents saying about St. Paul’s Pre-K?

“The Trinity Café is a great place to meet with other moms and dads. We come early so that we can visit together!” —a group of four Pre-K Moms

How did I learn about St. Paul’s Pre-K?

“From our friends’ kids. I love this school. Everyone here is so kind and helpful, and positive. At the dinner table, our Pre-K son said, ‘Did you know that Jesus died for us on the cross?’ I wouldn’t have thought he was old enough to understand that. But he did!”– Wendy, a public school teacher and Pre-K Mom

“Having a minute to sit in the Trinity café with a cup of coffee before or after I drop off my daughter for school is so nice! It helps me connect to other parents in the school too.” — Christine

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