Confirmation leads you through the basic truths of God’s word and concludes with a public confession of faith. It also prepares Christians for communicant membership at St. Paul’s.

We have two ways to be confirmed in faith here at St. Paul’s.

Adult Confirmation

Adults are confirmed once they experience our Second Connection class. In the Second Connection course “Connect to Christ’s church,” you’ll be introduced to the foundational teachings of the Bible and the Lutheran Church. Participate in this class, and never again will you consider yourself Bible illiterate!

This is 13-week St. Paul’s membership course that meets for about an hour. We meet weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Childcare is available upon request.  Please contact us for the next starting date.

“My husband and I decided to attend the 2nd Connection Bible Study together to start the New Year on a good foot. After years of growing up in the church I came away with so much. I have gained new insight into how the Bible is translated and interpreted for truth, and also insight into the global view of mankind. Fascinating stuff!”

– Christine Trettin

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation class is a three-year, pastor-led Bible course for youth in grades 6-8. By studying basic Bible teachings, as summarized by the six chief parts of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, this class prepares students for a public profession of faith and communicant membership at St. Paul’s. Contact Pastor Jeffrey Bonack for more information about enrolling your child in Confirmation classes.

St. Paul Confirmations