Small Groups, BIG Impact

Small-Group-Bible-StudySmall groups, especially in a large congregation like St. Paul’s, can have a BIG impact. Small groups help participants to…

  • Grow in their Bible knowledge
  • Connect with others in the faith
  • Apply God’s Word to everyday circumstances
  • Discuss the “highs” and “lows” of real-life
  • Share mutual support, care, and concern
  • Pray for those inside and outside of the group
  • Reach out to others with the message of salvation
  • Serve each other, the congregation, and the community

Fill out this form to indicate your interest in joining a small group.

GroupLink-Logo copy View a listing of the current small groups functioning at St. Paul’s along with the group’s individual members.

Read what some St. Paul’s small group members have said:

“It’s hard to meet people in a big church. Small groups make the church feel smaller and friendlier. You will have people who know you and will be there when you need them, when you hit a crisis point in your life.”


“It’s great to discuss God’s Word with other people. I greatly value the insights and experiences of members in my group who are more spiritually mature than me.”


“For me, I get to practice talking about Jesus in a comfortable setting. Then, when I get out in an uncomfortable world, I feel more at ease about speaking of Jesus.”


“In our group you can candidly share, both problems and successes, in an environment of confidentiality. Because of this, people are excited to be there.”

Want to Join a Small Group?

If you’d like to join a small group at St. Paul’s or learn more about them, you can do one or more of the following:

  1. Complete the Small Group Interest Form. Someone will get in touch with you after it is submitted.
  2. Attend the next “Group Link” session. These are scheduled twice a year (fall and spring) and are an opportunity to meet other people already in groups or looking to join a group. Check the church calendar for exact dates/times.
  3. Attend a small group leader training session. These are scheduled during the Sunday morning Bible class hour in August.
  4. Complete a weekly “Connection Card” during worship. Someone will then get in touch with you.
  5. Contact Dr. Joel Nelson, Director of Member Engagement: 414-422-0320, ext. 145 /

Need Study Ideas for Your Group?

Download the Member Training Within Groups lesson

Download a list of Small Group Resources available in the St. Paul’s Library.

Use current “Group Work” prepared in conjunction with the weekly sermons.

Download “Group Work” for current sermons.

Use past “Group Work” along with reviewing previous sermon series.

Download “Group Work” for past sermons.

Download/view video of past sermons.

Check out Northwestern Publishing House

Check out Concordia Publishing House