St. Paul’s is a great place to find peace with God and to build friendships with other Christians.

We invite you to join us for one of our weekend worship services. Our Sunday morning children’s ministries and our Christian school system offer great opportunities for families to grow in their faith.

Whether you are looking for answers or a place to call home, our goal is to help you get closer to Jesus Christ … no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

A New Service

The Bridge is a relatively new service on St. Paul’s campus. The Bridge is held at 10:15 am in our Trinity Gym. The Bridge offers a modern worship environment, a casual feel, and an order of service designed for first-time guests to enjoy. Visit The Bridge website to learn more!

November Sermon Series – Legacy

Legacy Logo

Every life leaves a legacy. Whether intentional or not, by what we say and do as well as what we fail to say and do, we pass on to the next generation our hopes, our values, what is important to us and what is not.

Conscious of the times in which we live (“the end is near”) and the ever changing ideals promoted by the world around us, it’s imperative that we take the time to honestly and frankly discuss what it is that we should never let go of as well as how we can ensure that these all-important values are passed on to the next generation.

In this series we’re going to do just that. We’ll talk about the belief systems, the values and the priorities that are fundamental to our faith and consider the best way for this generation to impart them to the next.

Try out a downloadable Bible reading plan:

3-year Reading Plan
Straight Through The Bible

“I really like the atmosphere and environment at St. Paul’s. I truly enjoy the worship services! They have a spiritual substance that I’ve felt lacking in other churches.”

– Sukie C.