St. Paul’s is a great place to find peace with God and to build friendships with other Christians.

We invite you to join us for one of our weekend worship services. Our Sunday morning children’s ministries and our Christian school system offer great opportunities for families to grow in their faith.

Whether you are looking for answers or a place to call home, our goal is to help you get closer to Jesus Christ … no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

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The Bridge Service

The Bridge is held at 10:15 am in our Trinity Gym. The Bridge offers a modern worship environment, a casual feel, and an order of service designed for first-time guests to enjoy. Visit The Bridge website to learn more!

Thanksgiving - Button Thanksgiving Day
How can people be suffering around us when we live in the land of plenty? How can there be joy when we live in a world with so many problems? Both of these questions highlight our illogical existence as sinful human beings who are continually loved and blessed by an ever-gracious God who connects with us through his Word, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. Through these means God gives us guidance every day. While it is difficult for Christians to squeeze into one day what takes an entire lifetime, yet we take this opportunity to thank God for loving us in spite of who we are—sinful people in constant need of God’s forgiveness.

December Sermon Series – Anticipation


This Christmas we will celebrate once again the most astounding miracle imaginable—God takes on our human flesh and blood so that he can rescue this world from sin and death. Yet, God’s rescue plan is a whole lot older than any of our Christmas celebrations. God launched his redemption plan the moment sin entered this world. For thousands of years before that first Christmas people lived in anticipation of God’s promise to send a deliverer. When Jesus was born, the celebration was fueled by 1000s of years of anticipation. As we lean into Christmas this year, our prayer is that we would re-capture the “thrill of hope” connected to this boy child in the manger.

Try out a downloadable Bible reading plan:

3-year Reading Plan
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“After searching for 3 years to find a church with genuine people, interested in helping others progress not only as Christians but as humans, we found it.”

– Drew & Amy